[Ecls-list] compilation on MacOS X

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Wed Jan 26 00:27:03 UTC 2005

bernard tatin wrote:

> Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll wrote:
>> bernard tatin wrote:
>> As for the other problems, 1) The sources in SF have this bug: they 
>> expect ECL to be compiled using the flag --with-cmuformat. That has 
>> been solved in CVS. 2) The test suite has some unbalanced parenthesis 
>> in one of the files. Until now ECL did not complain about these stray 
>> parenthesis, but this has been changed for greater ANSI compatibility.
> Only one unbalanced parenthesis in file ecl_chap14_cons.tst line 270. 
> The best is when I do
> cd build/tests
> make
> I have a lot of *.erg files : [...]
> I think there is some job to do with these tests. For example, compare 
> my outputs with others. Is it a good idea ? 

The problem with the old test suite is that it assumes some properties 
of the reader/printer for real numbers and you will get lots of "errors" 
in files like number.erg because of small differences (1e-14 or so) in 
the outcome of the computations. But other files you can compare between 
platforms without further problem. I can even supply you with the files 
from my linux box.


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