[Ecls-list] Problem compiling latest CVS with mingw/MSYS under Windows.

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Tue Jan 25 03:07:01 UTC 2005

> I haven't had much time to test this yet - I have been going slowly 
> because of the lack of docs. Although --without-tcp *is* indeed the 
> default for mingw in the current CVS, much of the code is #included 
> anyway even, when TCP is not #defined and it's this causing 
> the problems 
> I had out of the box before I started hacking *in the* mingw 
> TCP support.

Well, this is related to the configure script, which I'm not using under
MSVC. Maybe Juanjo can have a look at it. However, looking around, it
seems that TCP support is automatically included if you include CLX
support, maybe this is why you got the problem.
Note that currently, TCP support should not be part of the Mingw32
port (I'm pretty sure, it's just a matter of #ifdef in tcp.d, but
this needs to be tested).

> How do I test my TCP support hack? Is there any test code I can use?

Under MSVC, I tested it using CLX: load clx/demo/clx-demos.lisp and
run (demos:do-all-demos). For this to work, you need a running X server.
I tested it with ReflectionX (runs fast) and Cygwin/XFree86 (runs slow).

The default display under Win32 is (see clx/dependent.lisp).
Be sure to use those settings when starting your X server.
To be able to run all the tests, I also had to modify the recurrence function
(see clx/demo/clx-demos.lisp) and set the default point-count to 1000
instead of 10000 to avoid a stack overflow error.


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