[Ecls-list] Mingw ecls without with-cmuformat failing?

Karsten Poeck karsten.poeck at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 13:13:19 UTC 2005

I've tried to build cvs ecls on W-XP/Mingw/MSYS with plain
That failed to build the ecl.dll with
    > ;;; Invoking external command: dllwrap --export-all-symbols -o 
"ecl.dll" -L"c:/cygwin/home/Karsten/ecls/build/" "c/main.o" 
"c/all_symbols2.o" "liblsp.a" 
"libeclmin.a"    -leclgmp -leclgc -lwsock32 -lm
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x17d8):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x3c68):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x3c98):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x3cb0):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x3cc8):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x3cf8):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x3d28):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x3d40):all_symbols.c: undefined reference to 
c/all_symbols2.o(.data+0x45c8): In function `si_mangle_name':
c:/cygwin/home/Karsten/ecls/src/c/all_symbols.d:112: undefined reference to 

I might be wrong, but it seems that these are only defined if you do 
./configure --with-cmu-format.

Building in this way the build suceeded, I just had to copy a few header 
files into ../build/h
I think ecl-cmp.h and the files included were missing.



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