[Ecls-list] Problem compiling latest CVS with mingw/MSYS under Windows.

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Tue Jan 25 02:05:05 UTC 2005

John Connors wrote:

> I have some newbie developer questions:
> Why are all the files called *.d instead of *c?

Because they are pre-processed by a program dpp.exe, that translates 
expressions like @(defun ...), @(return...) into the right set of C 
expressions. This is required for instance, when a function has keyword 
arguments, or optional arguments. Otherwise the code would become very 

> And why are there seperate build/ and src/ directories?

Because I need to build ECL for many different platforms. Also, this 
makes it easy to build several copies of ECL with different flags, for 
testing. And finally, you can get rid of the object files by simply 
wiping out the whole of the build directory while leaving the source 
code untouched.

> How do I test my TCP support hack? Is there any test code I can use?

Sorry, but I did not understand very well what you are doing. Is it 
winsock support for mingw32? I think Michael's fireproof was compiling 
the CLX library and running it from the windows machine, but a simpler 
tests consists on running two instances of ECL. On one you type
    (progn (setq s1 (si::open-server-stream 13)) (read s1))
on the other one you type
    (progn (setq s2 (si::open-client-stream "localhost" 13)) (print 1 
s2) (force-output s2))
where "localhost" is simply the name of your machine.


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