[Ecls-list] ecl-0.9e msvc 7.1 linker error (windows).

Valery Syssik syssik at mail.ru
Thu Jan 20 13:12:01 UTC 2005

>>Tanks for maintenance and support ECL!
J> Well, Prof. Attardi was the original creator of ECL, but I have been
J> maintaining it since year 2000 :-)
Well, Thank Prof. Attardi and you too.
[2000-2005] Good job!
>>I try to build ECL (ecl-0.9e-fix-1.tgz.gz)
Ok, ECL successfully built on windows
with undocumented option "NODEBUG=1"
nmake NODEBUG=1 -f Makefile.msvc6

>>The second question is:
>>What does it mean:  "Threads were broken with latest
>>improvements." (http://ecls.sourceforge.net/news.html)?
>>Can ECL used in MT program with POSIX threads (Solaris) and
>>Windows threads?
J> This page is out of date, as it refers to the old, user-level threading
J> facility that EcoLisp had. Lisp multiprocessing is now implemented using
J> the POSIX threads and should be easily ported to other platforms or
J> native threads definitions. However, due simply to lack of time, I have
J> not built a multiprocessing version of ECL for the last months and
J> cannot assure that everything will work. Furthermore, besides myself, I
J> know nobody that has used this facility, so the whole library lacked a
J> lot of testing from the very beginning O:-)
I'd like to extend my multithreaded (MT) app server (it belongs my company),
via Lisp or Scheme library. MT and XML support required. If it possible to
test in MT application, I'd like to do it with pthreads.
Porting from pthread to windows threads not frighten me.

Please tell me is ECL design is thread safe, and what kind of
serialization required. Or may be you now small free Lisp or Scheme
library with build in MT support ?

But best feature of ECL is that "C  uses standard C calling

If it is possible to serialize access to ESC between threads
it is good and possible in my case with some troubles,
but no so good as real mt support.

For example in "MzScheme and Threads"  document:
>In  either  configuration,  MzScheme  can  co-exist with additional OS
>threads  that  are  created  by  an extension or an embedding program.
>However, the additional OS threads must not call any scheme_ function.

In my case it is impossible model.


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