[Ecls-list] Re: One more Makefile.in patch

Maciek Pasternacki maciekp at japhy.fnord.org
Tue Apr 26 03:43:51 UTC 2005

On Sweetmorn, Discord 43, 3171 YOLD, Maciek Pasternacki wrote:

>> I got latest ECLS, and configured using mingw. To my surprise when I 
>> typed make all after the configure, make complained that there was no 
>> way to build ecls as there was no target matching it when it was invoked 
>> by all. It seems the target is defined as ecls$(EXE) now, and the all: 
>> line needs to be updated to reflect this fact. I'm not familiar enough 
>> with autotools to know what to touch..
> Attached patch should fix it.

Oops; I included just configure.in patch.  You should either run
autoconf after applying or patch also configure with patch attached to
this post.  Both patches are to be applied in src/ subdir.

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