[Ecls-list] Wiki

Julian Stecklina der_julian at web.de
Sun Apr 24 09:00:27 UTC 2005


I just added some pages to the wiki
( http://ecls.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/view ). EclExtensions ->
GrayStreams needs a minimal example I guess. I would have put a link to
our wiki on cliki, but I cannot reach cliki.net at the moment.

I am a bit depending on up-to-date documentation as my X-Chat plugin is
somehow broken with current ECLs and I have yet to figure out why.

Julian Stecklina

Greenspun's Tenth Rule of Programming: "Any sufficiently complicated C
or Fortran program contains an ad-hoc, informally-specified bug-ridden
slow implementation of half of Common Lisp."

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