[Ecls-list] Ecls-list digest, Vol 1 #330 - 1 msg

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Mon Nov 22 01:55:06 UTC 2004

Goffioul Michael wrote:

>I tryied again, using a fresh ECLS CVS version (~0.9d). I just
>did some trivial changes to make it compile under Win32/MSVC6
>(ecl.h needs to be included after math.h otherwise there's a
>problem with the complex macro from MSVC; I doubt this has any
>effect on my current problem). It still doesn't work. Loading
>the test file runs fine, but the readtable is not changed in
>ECLS prompt. Even if I (setf *readtable* *custom-readtable*)
>at the prompt, it still doesn't work (cf. previous posts for
>full code).
I am sorry it takes me so long to answer, but I am currently overloaded 
with C++ development tasks. As for the readtable and symlinks problems I 
have identified them and am in the process of incorporating the fixes 
into CVS. Hopefully, before the end of the day I will be done.

The problem with the readtable is that the toplevel reader rebinds the 
variable *readtable* to the system one while reading the input from the 
user, but not while executing (See tpl-read in top.lsp). Also, I will 
now make sure that LOAD saves the value of *readtable* before loading a 


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