[Ecls-list] cannot cross compile ecl 0.9c

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Sun Feb 29 10:59:02 UTC 2004

On Sunday 22 February 2004 05:09, Larry Clapp wrote:
> Hello,

Hi, and sorry for the late answer.

> I cannot cross compile ecl 0.9c (to an arm 1110, if it matters).  make
> Any suggestions?  I've already compiled & installed ecl 0.9c for my
> build machine, so no problems there.
> .
> ;;; Compiling (DEFUN DO/DO*-EXPAND ...).
> ;;; Compiling (DEFMACRO DO ...).
> ;;; Compiling (DEFMACRO DO* ...).
> ;;; Compiling (DEFMACRO CASE ...).
> The function DO/DO*-EXPAND is undefined.
> Broken at DO*.
> SI>> 

I had a look at the cross compilation process, and the problem is that some
macros in the installed copy of ECL get overwritten by the macros in the copy
to be compiled. I am working on that now.


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