[Ecls-list] Ports to Alpha and Sparc revived

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll worm at arrakis.es
Sun Feb 29 09:20:04 UTC 2004


I finally discovered the bug that broke the ports to the Alpha and Sparc architectures.
Luckily, it has nothing to do with memory leaks, garbage collection, etc, it was just
a typo ("*old = *new" instead of "old->hash = new->hash" in hash.d). Stupid me, shouldn't
have coded with the January the 1st's hangover.

Ok, so then it seems we are back to a big number of platforms, potential portability
to ARM and only MacOSX is broken. This is the most intriguing bug: the Boehm-Weiser
garbage collector simply refuses to build in this system.

The fixed version of ECL is only available in CVS, and as usual it takes some time
for the anonymous CVS server to get the latest version. I'll start working now on
reviving ECL's old garbage collector, and when this is finished will produce a
new release.

And finally one question for the experts out there: why does
"install -c -s ecl ~/bin" fail under Solaris/Sparc??? Is it due to the fact that the
executable is dynamically linked???

Best regards,


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