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Andrew Topp talmakion at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jun 30 16:39:06 UTC 2003

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Erik Winkels wrote:
| I'm not using the ECL top-level, at least I think so, but I could just
| be confusing terminology here.  I just get the input from the Quake2
| console which is always a string, do a c_string_to_object() on that
| and feed the result to si_safe_eval().  Then I print the result of the
| eval back to the console.

Ahh :). This is what I was doing initially, but to get debugging
working, I used CLOS streams masquerading as standard input and output
to the default top level, so the debugging prompt was accessable.
throw/catch was used to break out of the toplevel loop. There were some
issues that seemed to leave ECL in invalid states after an error
occurred. The debugger was never properly accessible.

I was going to try some other things, but got sidetracked with other
issues, and eventually UC was put on ice. I think I had been planning to
save the traceback and other information, and write a postmortem debugger.

| It's all still very basic and was mainly a quick hack to see how easy
| it would be to communicate with ECL.
| So I don't have debugging going either :) (I had Quake2 crashing on me
| whenever I entered an invalid Lisp form until Juanjo pointed me to
| si_safe_eval() instead of cl_eval() which I was using uptil that
| point.)
| Next step is getting a computer player running around and controlling
| it with Lisp code.  I imagine that's going to be a bit harder although
| I do have some experience writing Half-Life bots in C++ which is
| somewhat similar to Quake2 sourcecode-wise.

This will be interesting :). ECL in UC was going to be used for a lot of
things, GUI definition, customization, and event handling, within the
game engine for object behaviours, etc. I'm not sure how much info I put
on the UC site about it.

One of the things I've been playing with of late is the new FFI system
and SWIG. I'm using SWIG extensively in my current active (and non-OSS)
project, I thought it'd be nice if ECL could have SWIG helpers. FFI
takes care of external functions and simple datatypes, but C/C++ structs
and classes have no direct easy translation.

Still just playing around with it, don't know how useful it will be.
Haven't even got anything functional yet. If anyone is interested in
using or helping with it, please say so.

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