[Ecls-list] Cute screenshot of a ECL prompt

Erik Winkels aerique at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 30 13:43:10 UTC 2003

Andrew Topp <talmakion at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> That Quake screenshot looks impressive.

Thanks :)

> When I've got time to go back to UC, I'll have to see how that's
> been done.  I had lots of problems with UC's single threaded event
> loop and getting the ECL toplevel to work as it should, especially
> when debugging.

I'm not using the ECL top-level, at least I think so, but I could just
be confusing terminology here.  I just get the input from the Quake2
console which is always a string, do a c_string_to_object() on that
and feed the result to si_safe_eval().  Then I print the result of the
eval back to the console.

It's all still very basic and was mainly a quick hack to see how easy
it would be to communicate with ECL.

So I don't have debugging going either :) (I had Quake2 crashing on me
whenever I entered an invalid Lisp form until Juanjo pointed me to
si_safe_eval() instead of cl_eval() which I was using uptil that

Next step is getting a computer player running around and controlling
it with Lisp code.  I imagine that's going to be a bit harder although
I do have some experience writing Half-Life bots in C++ which is
somewhat similar to Quake2 sourcecode-wise.


PS. Also the previous discussions on this mailinglist about embedding
ECL in C/C++ were very helpful.  Thanks!

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