[Ecls-list] ECLS and ECL merge.

Jeff Bowden jlb at houseofdistraction.com
Wed Nov 21 07:49:03 UTC 2001

Does this mean that Giusseppe is coming back to work on ECL?

Guest1 wrote:

>Dear lispers,
>it is pleasure for me to announce that the ECLS project, which forked
>from Giusseppe Attardi's ECL implementation a year ago has been merged
>This merge is a formal one and it basically implies that the ECLS (ECL
>"Spain") project adopts a new name, becoming simply ECL or Embeddable
>This change implies the following modifications in the code
> * The executables, headers and libraries are renamed accordingly.
>   Therefore, the program name becomes "ecl"
> * For compatibility reasons, both #+ECL and #+ECLS will be supported.
> * The sys::build-ecls routine which builds new executables has been
>   renamed to sys::build-program
>These changes will not be reflected until the next release, and right
>now they are limited to the CVS repository. Therefore the status is
>as follows
> * CVS Head branch ---> merged ECL and ECLS
> * Tag ECL_0_5 ---> latest stable release (ECLS 0.5)
> * Downloadable tarballs ---> latest stable release (ECLS 0.5)
>Unfortunately the name ECL at SourceForge has been already picked by a
>somebody working on a new implementation of the C language. That means 
>that, until a better solution is found, the home page of the project
>will remain http://ecls.sourceforge.net
>I will use this message to make a call for developers interested on
>working on ECL. This implementation wants to become usable and the
>best way to achieve so is by getting feedback from users. So if you
>either want to contribute patches, error bugs, or simply constructive
>criticism, feel free to write at the ECL mailing list, whose address
>you will find at http://ecls.sourceforge.net
>Best regards,
>	Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll
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