[Ecls-list] ECLS and ECL merge.

Guest1 worm at arrakis.es
Wed Nov 21 00:40:01 UTC 2001

Dear lispers,

it is pleasure for me to announce that the ECLS project, which forked
from Giusseppe Attardi's ECL implementation a year ago has been merged

This merge is a formal one and it basically implies that the ECLS (ECL
"Spain") project adopts a new name, becoming simply ECL or Embeddable

This change implies the following modifications in the code

 * The executables, headers and libraries are renamed accordingly.
   Therefore, the program name becomes "ecl"

 * For compatibility reasons, both #+ECL and #+ECLS will be supported.

 * The sys::build-ecls routine which builds new executables has been
   renamed to sys::build-program

These changes will not be reflected until the next release, and right
now they are limited to the CVS repository. Therefore the status is
as follows

 * CVS Head branch ---> merged ECL and ECLS

 * Tag ECL_0_5 ---> latest stable release (ECLS 0.5)

 * Downloadable tarballs ---> latest stable release (ECLS 0.5)

Unfortunately the name ECL at SourceForge has been already picked by a
somebody working on a new implementation of the C language. That means 
that, until a better solution is found, the home page of the project
will remain http://ecls.sourceforge.net

I will use this message to make a call for developers interested on
working on ECL. This implementation wants to become usable and the
best way to achieve so is by getting feedback from users. So if you
either want to contribute patches, error bugs, or simply constructive
criticism, feel free to write at the ECL mailing list, whose address
you will find at http://ecls.sourceforge.net

Best regards,

	Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll

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