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Martin Atzmueller martin at atzmueller.net
Sun Dec 2 15:11:03 UTC 2001

"Dr. Edmund Weitz" wrote:
> Has anybody succeeded in using ECLS 0.5
> <http://ecls.sourceforget.net/> with ILISP? If I'm trying to start
> ECLS as my inferior Lisp, it tries to load the ILISP init files which
> results in two ECLS messages of the form
>   #<a FILE-ERROR>
>   Broken at LOAD.
I've looked a bit into this, but I've only a partial fix.
For one thing, ILISP tries to compile and load the INIT lisp-files,
e.g. ilisp-pkg.lisp and cl-ilisp.lisp on startup.
This fails, because ECL has SPECIAL-FORM-P in the COMMON-LISP package,
but this has been superseded by SPECIAL-OPERATOR-P (ANSI).
ILISP tries to cope with that, by defining its own SPECIAL-FORM-P
function (for backwards compatibility), but fails, because this
conflicts with ECL's built-in function.
You can reproduce this by simply compiling cl-ilisp.lisp 
(after _loading_ ilisp-pkg.lisp).
Additionally, there was a problem with the file-extensions.
I've attached a fix for all that, such that I'm able to run ILISP with
ECL now, but it's not a *real* fix, since it requires some manual
work: you have to _load_ ilisp-pkg.lisp into ECL, compile it, and
compile cl-ilisp.lisp after that, as well (these files are in the
ILISP directory, of course :)
After that, starting ILISP+ECL should work fine.

Doing all this more cleanly would probably involve removing
Unfortunately I don't have time to debug this further right now,
but I'll try to look into this again, perhaps next week ...

> Afterwards Emacs hangs completely and has to be killed. This happens
> with Emacs 20.7 as well as with 21.1. It happens on the console and
> under X and with two different Linux installations. ILISP is 5.11 in
> all cases.
You should probably get the latest CVS-version from Sourceforge.
This worked for me.


Martin Atzmueller <martin at atzmueller.net>
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