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Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Wed Oct 10 22:43:53 UTC 2018

Hi  Mariano, others,

On Mon, Oct 8, 2018, 05:36 Vladimir Sedach <vsedach at> wrote:

> > I'm thinking to point the project page to the source repository (e.g.
> > GitLab) when the project has sources, but doesn't have a project page.
> That is a really good idea.

Ok, I know which projects don't have their project page replaced. I can
publish that list here tomorrow.

Some years ago, I wrote cl-gitlab ( Maybe that can be
leveraged to detect which groups don't have any repositories so that we can
combine those lists to remove the projects which never spawned anything?

I'm happy to add anybody who wants to develop cl-gitlab to that project.

> > As for the projects which never spawned code, I'm wondering: should we
> > simply remove those off the system (after contacting the project members,
> > of course)? I mean, there's little Common Lisp value in them...
> Definitely. They make the projects hub list frustrating to browse.
> Vladimir


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