[clo-devel] Using git for a common-lisp.net project.

Philippe Brochard pbrochard at common-lisp.net
Tue Jun 7 06:45:10 UTC 2011

Philippe Brochard writes:

> ehuels at gmail.com writes:
>> Hi Philippe,
>> I know Raymond Toy set up the Oct project with git and trac. maybe you
>> can have a quick look at that project? 
>> Raymond, could you tell us what you did?
>> Bye, erik
> Ok, I have a public git repository accessible with http.
> Now, I think /var/git/projects/clfswm/clfswm.git must point to
> /project/clfswm/public_html/git/clfswm.git
> Can someone add a link in /var/git/? (If this is the right thing to do 
> indeed). Is this enough to show up in the gitweb interface?
Thanks a lot. All works fine for the git part.
I'll take a look at trac sooner.
If you want, for the record, I can update the hosting documentation page
on common-lisp.net (but it'll be better once I'll have the trac running
with git).

Thanks again,


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