[clo-devel] Using git for a common-lisp.net project.

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 13:05:42 UTC 2011

>>>>> "Philippe" == Philippe Brochard <pbrochard at common-lisp.net> writes:

    Philippe> Thanks a lot. All works fine for the git part.
    Philippe> I'll take a look at trac sooner.
    Philippe> If you want, for the record, I can update the hosting documentation page
    Philippe> on common-lisp.net (but it'll be better once I'll have the trac running
    Philippe> with git).

Trac also comes with a repo viewer, once you have git integrated with
trac.  You may also be interested in some post receive hooks for git
and trac.  If you look in /project/oct/public_html/git, you will find
a few scripts to run the post-receive hook to send out emails when
commits are made to the git repo.  (The scripts come from the trac-git
web site.)

I've also tried to integrate trac's ticket system with the
post-receive hook so that commit messages can automatically update
trac tickets, but that isn't working yet.  My python skills and trac
skills have been too weak to be able to figure it out yet.


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