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Anthony Ventimiglia anthony at ventimiglia.org
Mon Nov 17 22:01:02 UTC 2003

Nikodemus Siivola writes:
 > On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 03:23:56PM -0500, Anthony Ventimiglia wrote:
 > > Now back to the subject since we talked about it, I'd like to start a
 > > project "cl-bayes" that will be a Bayesian Patter filtering library. 
 > Oops, sorry. I missed this in my first reply. ;)
 > I must echo the questions of Erik and Mario. 

For all of you LGPL, sorry I forgot to mention that, sorry I guess my
request was a bit informal. 

 > Also, IMHO cl-bayes is really not quite kosher as far as names go:
 > there are a zillion things a bayenesian filter can do, and a zillion
 > ways it can be implementead. CL-BAYES and BAYES both suggests a
 > certain naturality. How about some name that contains "bayes", but is
 > not "it".

I have to say I don't see your point, but I also haven't given much
thought to the name. My original Library I did in C++ is called
libbpfl (Bayesian Pattern Filtering Library), and it is a specific
goal of mine to make it useful as a general purpose Bayesian filter,
as I've wanted to experiment with different applications for Bayesian
Filters (most interesting to me would be image and sound pattern

Now I pretty much intent to make the Lisp library very similar in it's
use to my C++ library, so maybe I should stick to something
similar. But to tell you the truth I wasn't wild about bpfl, I think
Bayes and Bayeslib had already been taken at sourceforge. So the name
cl-bayes was really not much of a big deal, to be honest I kind of
have an aversion to the whole cl- prefix that predominates, but on the
other hand it's kind of like the lib prefix for C packages, when you
see cl- you know it's a Common Lisp (or library application package). 

But as far as the cl- has to do with the name the only reason I had
that was that you would knoe it is a common lisp library for bayesian
filtering. I don't see how that doesn't reflect the zillion potential
uses for Bayesian filters. I have no deep love for cl-bayes, but I
don't really understand your point about why its a bad name.



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