[Clo-devel] We're getting feedback!

Erik Enge erik at nittin.net
Thu Aug 21 12:38:26 UTC 2003

Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus at random-state.net> writes:

> - Names of the project members and sponsors, ie who is running things

How about, at the "About this site": 

  "This site is currently paid for and maintained by

> - What open source/free projects can get hosting?  DFSG?  Wider than
> DFSG?  Stricter than DFSG? 'Hosting decisions are made on case-by-case
> basis.' is fine, but some examples of accepted licences would be nice.

I think DFSG sounds reasonable.  Any reason not to restrict it to DFSG?

> - Can projects hosted elsewhere use one or more of the services on
> common-lisp.net

Sure.  I guess this could be a FAQ.

> - How about VHOSTs for the webspace?

Alright.  I've added it to me todo list.

> - How about cron-jobs, e.g for rsync of cclan?"

You mean that project members can add cron-jobs?  They can, although
this is one of the things that could get out of hand real quick so use
with moderation.  For things like cclan we can add a specific cron job,
such as those for ftp and web.

> "14:22 <Fufie> there's also no written guarantee on not reselling email-lists, 
>                source, etc
> 14:23 <Fufie> ie a bit short on the legalese, disclaimers, .."

Ok, let's mention this with the DFSG part.


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