[Cl-perec-devel] Loading cl-perec

Ken McKee rkm101 at mac.com
Mon Feb 5 21:37:18 UTC 2007

I updated cl-perec and downloaded contextl. I still get:
      The name "METACOPY-WITH-CONTEXTL" does not designate any package.
       [Condition of type SB-KERNEL:SIMPLE-PACKAGE-ERROR]

A posting to metacopy-devel says:
> unfortunately the packaging took about 10 times the effort to do  
> then the
> copy-protocol code. the trick is to load the metacopy code twice  
> into two
> different packages, one is called metacopy-with-contextl. this way
> defgeneric and define-layered-function can live happily next to  
> each other
> and everyone can chose between the contextl based, and therefore more
> heavyweight, stuff or the old defmethod way.
> i had to patch slime, asdf, and asdf-system-connections to make it  
> work...
> one problem is left though: the way i'm using asdf is either  
> illegal or
> there's some bug in asdf, because contextl and some other packages are
> reloaded even though they are not changed since i've last generated  
> my sbcl
> core. it does not cause any problems, but...

Can standard versions of slime and asdf handle the metacopy-with- 
contextl package?
Where should the metacopy-with-contextl package be defined?


On Feb 5, 2007, at 7:40 AM, Levente Mészáros wrote:

> Hi,
> I fixed this in the asd file and it should work now. Let us know if  
> you still
> have problems.
> We use ubuntu 5.10, newest SBCL/SLIME and PostgreSQL 8.1.
> If you could run the test suite that would be great. All persistence
> tests should pass.
> PRCT> (test/persistence)
> #<results :tests 174 :assertions 443 :failures 0>
> Some of the query test cases might fail now but will be fixed this  
> week.
> levy

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