[Cl-perec-devel] Loading cl-perec

Levente Mészáros levente.meszaros at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 12:40:09 UTC 2007


I fixed this in the asd file and it should work now. Let us know if you still
have problems.

We use ubuntu 5.10, newest SBCL/SLIME and PostgreSQL 8.1.

If you could run the test suite that would be great. All persistence
tests should pass.

PRCT> (test/persistence)
#<results :tests 174 :assertions 443 :failures 0>

Some of the query test cases might fail now but will be fixed this week.


On 2/5/07, Ken McKee <rkm101 at mac.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Attempting to loading cl-perec gernerates:
>         The name "METACOPY-WITH-CONTEXTL" does not designate any package.
>         [Condition of type SB-KERNEL:SIMPLE-PACKAGE-ERROR]
> I'm using SBCL 1.0, Mac OS X 10.4 and recent checkouts/downloads of
> cl-perec,  cl-rdbms,  pg,  defclass-star,  asdf-system-connections,
> arnesi_dev,  slime,  cl-containers,  metatilities,  moptilities,
> closer-mop,  lw-compat,  cl-store,  cl-ppcre,  metacopy,  parse-
> number,  local-time,  flexi-streams,  cl-fad,  trivial-gray-streams,
> trivial-garbage,  computed-class,  s-base64,  metabang-bind,  iterate.
> A post on metacopy-devel suggests METACOPY-WITH-CONTEXTL is part of
> some package wizardry to properly load metacopy, I'm still not sure
> how to resolve this.
> Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to experimenting
> with cl-perec and computed-class.
> Thanks,
> Ken McKee
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