[cello-devel] scrolling in da house

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Wed Mar 31 21:31:10 UTC 2004

Thomas F. Burdick wrote:

>Oh, I didn't send a diff because (a) I'm not sure where I put the
>original source that I changed, and (b) my changes are probably easier
>to narrate.  Every instance of a pathname became a reference to a
>global variable, and those are defined in configuration.lisp.
OK. Where is /that/ found? /something/cellocore/configuration.lisp? How 
does it get loaded? Is it the first file loaded by cellocore.asd?

>  With
>the SBCL/CMUCL Alien system, you need to load libraries before files
>that reference symbols in them, so I put the forms to load all of the
>libraries in load-foreign-libraries.lisp, and have all the files with
>UFFI definitions depend on that file.
OK. Methinks configuration.lisp will also need stuff like "(push 
:cl-graphicks *features*)" to control what gets loaded, since everything 
but FreeGlut is optional (but god help any GUI not using FTGL to get 
nice fonts).

>Well, as a Cells user, I think it'd be nice to be able to get the
>updates to Cells (a stable system) without having to get Cello (a pre-alpha
See my questions elsewhere trying to clarify this concern.

>  Wait, Kenny ... *you're* worried about dependencies?!?!
>How many libraries do you have to get for Cello again? :-)
Freeglut. Too many? :)

The neat thing will be polishing up what I have already started: some 
demo such as ClouCell which can go like this:

<install freeglut>
asdf-install cello-core
<try out ugly cloucell>
<install ftgl>
asdf-install cl-ftgl
<try out pretty cloucell>

Something like that.

>Oh Kenny, if you're looking for more distractions, one thing that
>might really drive the McClim guys nuts is to get Hemlock into Cello.
>Gary Beyers has the engine to Portable Hemlock working as a
>text-editing pane for Cocoa, so I imagine the heavy lifting is done,
>and there's probably a retargetable text-editing engine in CL.  I know
>that McClim still needs and editor.  Why not give Cello an editor that
>even comes with a mail client?  And it'll look as pretty as whatever
>window you stick it in.
I think the editor is fundamental enough to the GUI that it should not 
be a bolt-on. Don't worry, I have done a few of these before. One thing 
I would like to steal is the line-breaking code. IIRC cl-typesetting got 
that off someone else -- anyone recall where?


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