[cello-devel] scrolling in da house

Thomas F. Burdick tfb at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Mar 31 18:10:07 UTC 2004

Kenny Tilton writes:
 > Frank Goenninger wrote:
 > >Hi Kenny,
 > >
 > >does PortaCello3 include the porting bits of all the porters already? If
 > >so I'd like to test that release to see if everything still works...
 > I was waiting to see if anyone wanted PC3. I will work in your stuff 
 > before uploading. Thomas never sent his stuff, but perhaps that was just 
 > the Cells bit?

Oh, I didn't send a diff because (a) I'm not sure where I put the
original source that I changed, and (b) my changes are probably easier
to narrate.  Every instance of a pathname became a reference to a
global variable, and those are defined in configuration.lisp.  With
the SBCL/CMUCL Alien system, you need to load libraries before files
that reference symbols in them, so I put the forms to load all of the
libraries in load-foreign-libraries.lisp, and have all the files with
UFFI definitions depend on that file.

 > I really should get Cells out of Cello. Or maybe not. If 
 > we split it off, then we get these support issues such as "Ah, you need 
 > to update your Cells to v.9.7.3 to run Cello v7.4.2 and after". But if 
 > we just let Cells be a part of the Cello project that goes away, yes? 
 > When anyone grabs Cello they always get the appropriate Cells. This is 
 > no problem for anyone who just wants Cells, right? The only problem 
 > would be if a second big project used Cells--but then really that is no 
 > harder for them just because Cells is a subtree (CVS-wise) of Cello than 
 > if it were standalone.

Well, as a Cells user, I think it'd be nice to be able to get the
updates to Cells (a stable system) without having to get Cello (a pre-alpha
system).  Wait, Kenny ... *you're* worried about dependencies?!?!
How many libraries do you have to get for Cello again? :-)

But really, the dependency problem is only short-term, at least for
anything in Lisp.  Once Cello is asdf-install'able, if the
asdf-install'able version of Cells matches Cello, no problem.  And
asdf-install is going to have to be updated to support versions sooner
or later, so it should be reasonable to just use it, and fix the tool
when it needs fixing.

 > >And yes, I'm already biting into the keyboard driven by expectations and
 > >hope to really see that scroller stuff !!! Keep going! 
 > <g> It's just a scroller, though I will try to make them pretty to drive 
 > the mcClim guys nuts.

Oh Kenny, if you're looking for more distractions, one thing that
might really drive the McClim guys nuts is to get Hemlock into Cello.
Gary Beyers has the engine to Portable Hemlock working as a
text-editing pane for Cocoa, so I imagine the heavy lifting is done,
and there's probably a retargetable text-editing engine in CL.  I know
that McClim still needs and editor.  Why not give Cello an editor that
even comes with a mail client?  And it'll look as pretty as whatever
window you stick it in.

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