[cello-devel] scrolling in da house

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Sun Mar 28 22:32:17 UTC 2004

Frank Goenninger wrote:

>Hi Kenny,
>does PortaCello3 include the porting bits of all the porters already? If
>so I'd like to test that release to see if everything still works...
I was waiting to see if anyone wanted PC3. I will work in your stuff 
before uploading. Thomas never sent his stuff, but perhaps that was just 
the Cells bit? I really should get Cells out of Cello. Or maybe not. If 
we split it off, then we get these support issues such as "Ah, you need 
to update your Cells to v.9.7.3 to run Cello v7.4.2 and after". But if 
we just let Cells be a part of the Cello project that goes away, yes? 
When anyone grabs Cello they always get the appropriate Cells. This is 
no problem for anyone who just wants Cells, right? The only problem 
would be if a second big project used Cells--but then really that is no 
harder for them just because Cells is a subtree (CVS-wise) of Cello than 
if it were standalone.

Possibly the problem arises at the mailing-list level. I don't know. We 
can worry about this if/when we get more users.

>And yes, I'm already biting into the keyboard driven by expectations and
>hope to really see that scroller stuff !!! Keep going! 
<g> It's just a scroller, though I will try to make them pretty to drive 
the mcClim guys nuts.

>Currently I'm playing with cells to bring up my first real app with it.
>I don't want to let Thomas alone with his araneida + cells + db app ;-)
I have been meaning to say that, since it has been quiet on the porting 
front and you have the port you need done, conceivably you would like to 
get on with building something. If so, feel free to ask how to do x-y-z. 
Well, come to think of it, we need text input and menus before there is 
much you can do. OK, more better widgets on the way. But if I get bored 
I am stopping to add the OpenAL bindings. And I want to do that before 
the next Lisp Music meeting anyway.

cheers, kt

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