[cello-devel] Something wonderful...

Bjørn Nordbø bn at telenor.net
Wed Mar 17 14:36:05 UTC 2004

Kenny Tilton wrote:
> Frank G. has gotten Portacello2 working on Linux/ACL. I have it working 
> under Win32/Lispworks. I bet Solaris/Lispworks will be a snap. But I 

Got it.  I'll look into it on Lispworks/Solaris later this week.

> think the "install/build notes" are spread over the cello-devel mailing 
> list. If you want to tackle the beast, ping me and i will core dump, 
> hopefully by digging up past notes and creating a document. But if we 
> can keep this informal until we have a truly portable system that will 
> help. It is easy to respond to bug reports, but hard to write documentation.

Thanks, but I'll try to not nag you with this as you have more
interesting^Wimportant stuff to do than writing docs. :-)

By the way, I'm on the list now thanks to mail admins in both ends.

Lisp can accomodate a wide range of psychological problems.

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