[cello-devel] Call for Porting Tips

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Wed Mar 17 16:38:31 UTC 2004

Bjørn Nordbø wrote:

>Kenny Tilton wrote:
>>Frank G. has gotten Portacello2 working on Linux/ACL. I have it working 
>>under Win32/Lispworks. I bet Solaris/Lispworks will be a snap. But I 
>Got it.  I'll look into it on Lispworks/Solaris later this week.
Great. For sure you'll need to fix the hardcoded pathnames to shared 
libraries and JPGs, as well as font names. Others here on the list might 
be able to offer ideas based on the problems they encountered. Speaking 
of which:

I have Frank's change log on his port of PortaCello1 (PC1) to start 
from. If anyone else wants to mention here what they ran into even in 
incomplete ports, i will pull it together into a Porter's Guide and get 
it up on the FTP site. Thanks all.

Even better, does anyone want to contribute some source I could possibly 
merge into PortaCello3?

>>help. It is easy to respond to bug reports, but hard to write documentation.
>Thanks, but I'll try to not nag you with this as you have more
>interesting^Wimportant stuff to do than writing docs. :-)
Thx. email is easy, doc is hard. :)

>By the way, I'm on the list now thanks to mail admins in both ends.
I enjoyed the traffic. :) Welcome aboard.



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