Ariel Badichi abadichi at bezeqint.net
Fri Oct 3 16:05:10 UTC 2008

Some minor corrections:

"Tobias C. Rittweiler" <tcr at freebits.de> writes:

> Multiple occurences of the same symbol are allowed in

Misspelled "occurrences".

> MACRO-CHAR-TYPES.  If MACRO-CHAR-TYPES is null, both `:macro-char' and

I take it you meant "nil" (or better yet, "the empty list") rather than

>   5. An association list between the "sub-characters" of the dispatch
> macro character and their reader macro functions.

"An association list with the sub-chars of the dispatch macro character
as keys and their corresponding reader macro functions as values."

> An error of type `type-error' is signalled if READTABLE does not

The CLHS uses the alternative spelling, "signaled".  Why is this passage
in the passive, while the previous one was in the active?


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