[Bese-devel] Counter doesn't work in ucw 0.39: Can't find function "make-standard-environment"

Ben Matasar matasar at gmail.com
Mon May 16 14:15:58 UTC 2005


Yeah, the problem was that I installed yaclml from asdf-install rather
than using the one that came packaged with ucw.  I am now using the
arnesi and yaclml from the ucw tarball, and most other packages from
Cliki via asdf-install (including rfc2388, iterate, and others).
Thanks for your help.

Next question: the httpd backend doesn't appear to load the (whole?)
wwwroot but does load the examples.  This manifests itself by giving
me working examples with no stylesheet (aka plain old page).  The
araneida backend (which I would prefer to use) doesn't give me
examples or the stylesheet, but does start a webserver.

I also got my hello world template-component to work, so that's progress.

> (ot: you suggest buying 10.4.0 or waiting for 10.4.1?)

10.4.1 is supposedly due any day now.  10.4.0 is a bit buggy but no
dangerous bugs so far.  I think you're safe with 10.4.0, now that the
aqua emacs builds :).


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