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Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Mon Sep 12 13:40:01 UTC 2016

I'd just like to give a description of some of our use-cases which might
not be totally reflected in standard regression tests (maybe they should be

What I know is that we depend heavily on immutable-systems behavior in
production (e.g. for making pre-built Gendl distributions which won't try
to re-compile and re-load Gendl and its dependencies on top of an image
which already has them built-in, when quickloading other systems which have
:depends-on :gendl).

We also depend (daily) on the monolithic-compile-bundle operations for
making builds which don't end up including asdf themselves (but our builds
do include uiop).

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 4:34 AM, Daniel Kochmański <daniel at turtleware.eu>

> Dear all,
> me and Fare clearly can't reach a consensus about the changes I've
> recently proposed to ASDF:
> https://gitlab.common-lisp.net/asdf/asdf/merge_requests/13
> I acknowledge a possibility, that I'm totally wrong here (and if that's
> true, my deepest apologies to Fare for using vast amount of his time),
> but my conviction is that this is a step forward and a good
> proposition. I would appreciate 3rd party opinions, because I'm clearly
> not objective here since I've wrote the code in question.
> The code isn't in final shape yet, but it proves no regressions wrt
> tests shipped with ASDF right now (tested on ABCL, CCL, ECL, SBCL 1.2.0,
> SBCL and MKCL).
> I'm planning to write a proper regressions and feature tests and
> document the behaviour in question in the manual, but only if there is
> sense in it (i.e it will be merged after fixing the potential issues).
> Thanks,
> Daniel Kochmański
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> Daniel Kochmański ;; aka jackdaniel | Poznań, Poland
> TurtleWare - Daniel Kochmański      | www.turtleware.eu
> "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

My Best,

Dave Cooper
genworks.com, gendl.org
+1 248-330-2979
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