Recent disappearance of asdf:bundle-system.

Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Sun Sep 11 07:44:26 UTC 2016

Jean-Claude Beaudoin writes:

> Hello ASDF devs,
> I noticed recently that asdf/bundle:bundle-system has disappeared from ASDF.
> MKCL is/was a user of that function as a convenient entry point to the ASDF
> bundle facility.
> My impression was that, along the lines of asdf:load-system and
> asdf:compile-system,
> asdf:bundle-system was playing a (small but) useful role as a convenience
> function.
> I will most probably simply have to fold that function inside the build
> code of MKCL if it is
> to be removed from ASDF for good.

Yes, it was my doing, sorry about that. I'll revert that change today
and send an appropriate patch. Especially that ABCL wants to use it too.

Generally I've seen both functions make-build and bundle-system as
deprecated for quite a while in asdf source code. While I didn't want to
get rid of make-build, because it's part of the official ECL build API,
I've grepped through the libraries in Quicklisp and nobody seemed to use
> Yet, to see a publicly exported function disappear between version
> and
> to most likely result in a 3.1.8 release gives pause. Are we really seeing
> here a public API
> code breaking modification being done between two patch level
> releases?

It's not patch-level release, but commit level.
> BTW, there seems to have been a few other MKCL related breakage issues
> introduced
> by the recent wave of changes. I will have to examine each one in
> turn...

Let me know if you troubleshot this. I think we should revert for mkcl
replacement of load-op with load-bundle-op and keep it for ecl and clasp
in that case. I'll check on clasp if it doesn't have a regression.
> Cheers,


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