Running tests with test coverage enabled

Alexey Veretennikov txm.fourier at
Sat Oct 15 06:52:25 UTC 2016

Anyone ? Is impossible to do or too hard? 
I see it as following:
make a new operation which will:
1) compile the test cases
1) clean the test object (remove fasls of target system to test but not
2) execute necessary startup code (set up the code coverage)
3) run testcases
4) perform teardown code (turn off the code coverage and collect stats etc)

How could I achieve at least this?

Alexey Veretennikov <txm.fourier at> writes:

> Hi all,
> Right now I'm running unit tests using Fukamachi's prove library:
> (asdf/operate:test-system 'my-system).
> I want to run my tests generating the tests coverage of my system.
> For this I would like to have similar operation, but which will:
> 1) turn on the code coverage in LispWorks (just call to some global
> function)
> 2) rebuild system which I want to test (in this case my-system), but
> only (!) this system (not dependencies)
> 3) run tests
> 4) call coverage results processing function.
> 5) on normal run (asdf/operate:test-system 'my-system) rebuild the
> system without coverage.
> How could I proceed with this task?


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