Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Tue Nov 29 01:46:03 UTC 2016

On 11/28/16 Nov 28 -12:24 AM, Daniel Kochmański wrote:
> Robert Goldman writes:
>> On 11/27/16 Nov 27 -1:11 PM, Faré wrote:
>>> I'd like to proceed forward. I don't any good reason to undo any of
>>> the current changes.
>> Well, as my earlier message suggests, we don't have to undo anything: we
>> can simply make a release out of the state before the removal of
>> operation initargs.  That would give everyone time to adjust.
>> I think the person who cares the most is Daniel, so Daniel, what do you say?
> I'm fine with having (already added to ECL), so go ahead
> keeping the changes. What I want to say that its somewhat confusing to
> agree on something and having François do the opposite out of the blue
> (and seeing nothing wrong with that). But I suppose it's ASDF developers
> concern, not mine.

This really wasn't Faré's doing -- the mistake was only mine.  The
commit was done by Faré, because I was going AFK for a while.  But it
was completely my slip-up and not his.


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