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Mon Nov 28 06:33:56 UTC 2016

> I'm fine with having (already added to ECL), so go ahead
> keeping the changes.

> What I want to say that its somewhat confusing to
> agree on something and having François do the opposite out of the blue
> (and seeing nothing wrong with that). But I suppose it's ASDF developers
> concern, not mine.
I acted after discussing with Robert.

What concern whatsoever do you have for ASDF internals?

If your actual concern is that you want make-build to be provided by
ASDF itself rather than by some ECL extension, that is possible. We
could have a version of the function in backward-interface (no less
"working" than the previous bogus function), and just have it print a
warning that it is deprecated when called. You will still have to
migrate off of it before it gets removed, but then user code if any
will keep running a bit longer before you migrate.

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