no operation initargs, ecl make-build, etc.

Faré fahree at
Sun Nov 27 18:57:29 UTC 2016

Dear Lispers,

apart from a new and improved run-program featuring asynchronous
support thanks to Elias Pipping, the ASDF master branch (currently at also features some long announced cleanups of internals:

* instead of using operation class names (symbols) as keys to various
internal tables, whereby ASDF can't distinguish between multiple
operations of same type, operation objects are used instead.
* this required making sure that operation objects are always created
using MAKE-OPERATION, which can hash-cons them when created with
compatible options.
* this also required eliminating the current original-initargs
mechanism, which was abused by SWANK and ECL in non-sensical ways, but
never used to build distinguishable operations (nothing could).
* there is currently no more mechanism to build distinct operations of
a same class, and so each operation class is currently a singleton.
But in the future some mechanism might be added e.g. to support
cross-compilation. Or not.

Swank was fixed. An alternative implementation of ECL's MAKE-BUILD has
been offered, but I'd like to stop making this function part of ASDF
itself: ECL can provide its own add-on it they care for this function,
it just was never a good fit for ASDF, that provides better APIs since
3.1.2 (May 2014). That said, Robert is the person to convince whether
to keep shipping MAKE-BUILD or not.

See !34 for an extended discussion:

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