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Fri Jan 15 21:36:22 UTC 2016

[This was my reply that bounced yesterday. I edited it.]

On 1/14/16 Jan 14 -1:20 PM, Robert Goldman wrote:
> What is the intended behavior when this is bound to :IGNORE?
> I believe that if warnings occur, they should be quashed and
> COMPILE-FILE should still return T, although otherwise it would not.
Yes, the intent is that in case of :IGNORE, the compilation should just succeed
(assuming an output file was returned).

> I'm finding a case where :IGNORE is not enough to make the compile-file
> succeed, but I'm grappling with trying to find a minimal test case.  So
> I was wondering if I was interpreting this variable correctly.
Either no .fasl was created, or you found another bug in UIOP.

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