trouble with :also-exclude

Attila Lendvai attila at
Thu Oct 8 17:35:59 UTC 2015

> For this to apply to your ~/common-lisp/ you'd have to list
> ~/common-lisp/ explicitly, and then :ignore-inherited-configuration to
> avoid the regular entry for ~/common-lisp/ and then explicitly include
> any configuration you'd like to inherit anyway.


is there any other way to tell :tree to ignore some branches?

it would be useful both for optimization, and also for dealing with
different versions of the same system. in my original config my
hand-written scanner was e.g. ignoring _foo directories, so i could
just rename dirs to use a different version.

i'd like to use a default config with as little interference as
possible, so i don't want to just shadow all the
/etc/common-lisp/... configs.

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