Lisp scripting

Faré fahree at
Wed May 6 06:42:14 UTC 2015

>> * minimakefile. Can we get this in before we cut 3.2? Actually,
>> merging before 3.1.5 would allow to test the release functions before
>> we release an actual 3.2.
> The last time I was working with minimakefile it was still at the state
> where every time I tried a new command, I would get a new error.  I got
> tired of this and gave up.  I'll try again, but this one is your cause:
> I don't care if CL never becomes a scripting language. I'm willing to
> run with it if it works, but if it gives me grief, I'll give up again.
Indeed, it's my pet topic; I apologize for the bugs, and I am grateful
to you for bearing with me thus far. Obviously, there was a big gap
from "(seems to) works for me" to "works robustly for everyone"; but
this time, I believe the bugs have been shaken, and the new test
system is superior in many ways, including not drowning the screen in
so much noise, providing better replay information on error,
supporting one more Lisp (clasp), an interactive list of commands,
ability to invoke tests from the SLIME REPL, etc.

Please try again, and merge into master if satisfactory.

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