UIOP documentation?

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.net
Wed May 6 12:34:28 UTC 2015

Faré wrote:
>> > I looked at the link to the version that's supposed to have good docs:
>> >
>> > http://bimib.disco.unimib.it/people/Marco.Antoniotti/Projects/CL/HELAMBDAP/tests/asdf-uiop/docs/html/dictionary/dictionary.html
>> >
>> > AFAICT it shows only the docs for BACKWARD-INTERFACE, and maybe not even
>> > all of those.
>> >
> Oh! It has more documentation than that, but depending on your screen
> resolution, it can be totally unobvious that you can scroll the
> package pane. Le sigh. I tried to document that in the uiop/README.md,
> but that needs also be told in the index.html.

That is a *horrible* left pane.  As you say, there is no visible
affordance, indicating an ability to scroll that pane.  The pane also
has no border, which hides the fact that, instead of filling the frame
with package entries, it takes only 25% of the height of the pane.

I guess that's because it wants to put the package interface below the
package menu.  A border around those frames would help the user
understand how the layout is to be used.

Also, one I have selected one package, clicking on another in the
sidebar takes a *very* long time (so long that I thought it was not
going to update at all) to update the main frame.

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