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Attila Lendvai attila at
Tue Jul 14 19:40:14 UTC 2015

>>> maybe a simple defun SYSTEM-MUTABLE-P and a setf variant would be better?
>> Maybe. I'll let Robert decide if he wants a way to make a system
>> mutable no more.
>> Up until now, the usage scenario was that systems would transition one
>> way only from mutable to immutable,
>> as you prepare an image for delivery.
> I'm reluctant to add more code unless there's a demonstrated need for
> the functionality.  I'd remind everyone that ASDF has ballooned in size
> and for all our efforts that inevitably means it has collapsed in
> maintainability!
> If you'd like an extension to provide either introspection or
> "mutabilification", please file an enhancement ticket.  But unless you
> provide a use-case with it, it is likely to get short shrift.

no, i'm fine with the functinality of REGISTER-IMMUTABLE-SYSTEM.

what i wasn't fine with is an exported global holding a hashtable, and
at that time i hadn't noticed RIS because i was expecting a different
name. REGISTER-IMMUTABLE-SYSTEM doesn't register any systems, it
rather marks a system, that is already known by asdf, immutable. it's
a different story that the implementation registers it in a hashtable
as opposed to e.g. setting a flag on the system object.

so, before i knew about RIS, i proposed an API that i still think
would be better, namely SYSTEM-MUTABLE-P.

if it's still feasible i suggest to replace REGISTER-IMMUTABLE-SYSTEM
with (SETF SYSTEM-MUTABLE-P) and stop exporting *IMMUTABLE-SYSTEMS*.

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