Almost there

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Tue Jul 14 14:44:53 UTC 2015

On 7/10/15 Jul 10 -8:34 AM, Faré wrote:
>>> We did add better immutable-system support thanks to Dave Cooper,
>> is this meant to be the final public API (an exported global variable
>> that holds a hashtable)?
> The final API is
> (register-immutable-system "foo")
> and, I suppose,
> (sysdef-immutable-system-search "foo")
> though I forgot to export said function... fixed.
>> maybe a simple defun SYSTEM-MUTABLE-P and a setf variant would be better?
> Maybe. I'll let Robert decide if he wants a way to make a system
> mutable no more.
> Up until now, the usage scenario was that systems would transition one
> way only from mutable to immutable,
> as you prepare an image for delivery.

I'm reluctant to add more code unless there's a demonstrated need for
the functionality.  I'd remind everyone that ASDF has ballooned in size
and for all our efforts that inevitably means it has collapsed in

If you'd like an extension to provide either introspection or
"mutabilification", please file an enhancement ticket.  But unless you
provide a use-case with it, it is likely to get short shrift.

Certainly I don't want to hold the 3.1.5 release any longer for such an


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