Finding all the systems that subclass

Javier Olaechea pirata at
Wed Jul 8 23:41:06 UTC 2015


I'm trying to find all the systems that use a particular subclass of
system. The goal is that through that mechanism they signal/register
themselves as modules of another system. In order to list all such modules
I though map-systems would do the trick:

(remove-if #'null
           (let (results)
             (asdf:map-systems (lambda (system)
                                 (when (stumpwm-module-p system)
                                   (setf results (cons system results)))))

However it appears map-systems only works on when the system *definition*
has been loaded (is that the proper term?). Is there a way to load all the
system definitions in asdf's path? (That is according to *source-registry*
and *central-registry*)

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