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Faré fare at
Wed Jul 8 19:46:51 UTC 2015

>> which suggests FILE-TYPE, not COMPONENT-TYPE is The Right Thing.
>> Also, what the heck is the return type of this?  I see the following:
>>   (defmethod source-file-type ((component parent-component) (system
>> parent-component))
>>     :directory)
>> which suggests that it's something like (or string (eql :directory)).
>> Ugh.  Shouldn't asking for the file-type of a PARENT-COMPONENT simply be
>> an error?
> The correct type should be
> (or null string (eql :directory))
> I believe :directory is how we end up with pathnames for parent
> components becoming directory pathnames, as in
> (:module "foo" :pathname "bar" ...)
> having a relative pathname #p"bar/" on Unix.
Also note that NIL doesn't mean "no type" as in (make-pathname :type nil ...),
but rather means "don't *add* a type to what the user specifies", as in
(parse-unix-namestring foo :type nil)
parse-unix-namestring is what handles this :type argument, and also
supports :directory.
It replaces and generalizes what in latter versions of ASDF 2 (after
2.013) was called COERCE-PATHNAME.

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