Finding all the systems that subclass

Faré fahree at
Thu Jul 9 00:03:40 UTC 2015

> Is there a way to load all the
> system definitions in asdf's path? (That is according to *source-registry*
> and *central-registry*)
You can try to iterate over:
1- the central-registry, using directory to identify all .asd files in
there that haven't been defined by previous entries.
2- the source-registry, consulting the *source-registry* table after
having initialized it, once again, shadowing entries previously

Now, there may be arbitrary *system-definition-search-functions* that
define yet more systems. There may be preloaded systems, for instance,
some of them immutable. There may also be plenty of secondary systems
as defined by e.g. package-inferred-system, or any other clever sysdef
search function. package-inferred-system in particular means that any
.lisp file under a package-inferred-system is potentially its own

So, there you go. If you do it, put the code in github!

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