[Asdf-devel] minimakefile branch

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 14:57:34 UTC 2014

Dear Kambiz,

> do you think it is now obsolete to create a test git repo which contains
> the dependencies as git subtrees?
You should ask Robert -- he's the one who's to decide, these days.

Now that the minimakefile branch is *tested* to work with quicklisp
correctly, I see *less* need for that. But if that's the tipping point
for Robert to merge the branch in master, then it's important.

> There is probably a small value in having a repo with versions of the
> dependencies which are known to work. But I'm not sure about the
> trade-off of having an additional repo.
Indeed. I also don't know exactly how to sync that repo to the asdf
repo: have asdf.git be one of the subtrees? Is there like with
subversion the notion of pinned vs non-pinned externals?

> Sorry that I didn't get around creating that repo earlier but I will
> have some time during the next week and could do so, if deemed
> necessary.
No problem. We're all busy.


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