[asdf-devel] cl-launch 4.0.0

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 04:54:46 UTC 2014

Dear lispers,

I've just released cl-launch 4.0.0: so you can invoke CL programs from
the command-line.

My classic demo for cl-launch is as follows:

for l in allegro ccl clisp sbcl ecl lispworks abcl cmucl xcl gcl ; do
cl-launch -l $l -i '(format t "'$l' ~S ~%" `#5(1 ,@`(2 3)))' 2>&1 |
grep "^$l " ; done

As compared to the cl-launch 3 series, cl-launch 4.0.0:
* cl-launch now accepts Unix scripting language invocation:
   cl-launch [options...] script [arguments...]
* Therefore cl-launch can be used as a script interpreter:
  No more need for -X ... -- options anymore (still kept for compatibility).
* cl-launch has a more unrestricted model for building software,
  more like buildapp, executing build commands in sequence,
  rather than having a fixed skeleton of one file then one system.
  cl --lisp sbcl --require sb-posix --system foo --file file.lisp
--eval '(some form)' --output myscript.sh
  cl --lisp sbcl --require sb-posix --system foo --file file.lisp
--eval '(some form)' --output mybinary --dump '!'
* cl-launch accepts --eval --load --load-system --entry like buildapp,
in addition to its own --restart --init --print --write, etc.
* cl-launch accepts an argument starting with an open parenthesis in
any position as if it were following a --print.
* cl-launch can now use quicklisp
* cl-launch was tweaked to work better on ABCL, GCL, ECL

cl-launch 4 is thus mostly compatible with cl-launch 3 and earlier, but:
* it requires asdf 3.0.1 or later to be provided by your
implementation, configured to be found by an earlier asdf provided by
your implementation, or in ~/cl/asdf/ or
* cl-launch used to have a more constrained model for building
software with only one --file and one --system; if you were relying on
that and/or on putting the --file after the --system, you will suffer
from the incompatibility.

PS: there is already a for LispWorks, which requires a patch
just pushed to ASDF

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