patch for allegro8 (was: Re: [asdf-devel] Ready to release?)

Faré fahree at
Fri Oct 18 04:16:11 UTC 2013

Patch applied and pushed.

If/when you get an intermittent failure, can you grab the error output?
Is it "just" a case of polluted fasl cache between alisp and alisp8?

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On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 11:39 PM, Dave Cooper <david.cooper at> wrote:
> Here is a patch to add the allegro 8-bit character executables to the test
> cases in
> Also here is an updated version of my little "run" script (which is to be
> used in the parent of the asdf/ directory) which now automatically sets the
> executables based on the running OS.
> I'm still having intermittent failures of test-encodings.script on
> mlisp8.exe, and test-stamp-propogation.script on alisp8.exe. These may be
> spurious failures because when I run them with a clean build/ directory,
> they seem to pass. If I can get them to fail reliably I will report it
> otherwise I don't want to hold up the release because of this.

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