[asdf-devel] (asdf:system-source-directory :uiop) not working after upgrade to

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 14:57:38 UTC 2013

> So I went ahead and tried
>   (load (compile-file "quicklisp/asdf.lisp"))
> before loading quicklisp/setup.lisp.
If you already changed the quicklisp copy and *required-asdf-version*
to something later than your implementation-provided ones, as I
believe you are, this step is redundant.

> And yes, I copied version.lisp.expr into quicklisp/local-projects/uiop/.
Did you use cp -aL with -L to dereference the symlink?
It worked for me.

> To test that it wasn't ignoring the uiop in local-projects because it is the
> same version as what is already loaded, I even temporarily bumped the
> version number in that version.lisp-expr to
No, I don't think it's magically checking the version against
downgrade, as it is doing for asdf itself. Maybe it should?

CL_SOURCE_REGISTRY=~/cl/poiu rlwrap sbcl --eval "'(#.(map () 'require
'(:asdf :poiu)) #.(in-package :asdf) #.(load \"~/quicklisp/setup\"))"
* (system-source-directory :uiop)

I didn't even have to (ql:register-local-projects) in that session —
or maybe its effects were persistent across section? Looking at the
source, it builds an index, so you need to run it once after you
installed the copy of uiop, and thereafter its effects should persist.

> Still no dice -- I still get
>  (asdf:system-source-directory :uiop)   --> nil
> after loading the quicklisp/setup.lisp and (ql:register-local-projects)
> Quicklisp works in general after the upgrade. It just can't find the source
> directory (or any source directory) for :uiop.

> It's not crucial that I release with this latest, but I just bring
> up this issue in case it is actually a lurking asdf bug which needs to be
> shaken out before 3.0.3 release...
If something is broken, we definitely want to solve before release.
But I fear the problem is with your configuration somehow.

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