[asdf-devel] (asdf:system-source-directory :uiop) not working after upgrade to

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Wed Oct 16 05:42:04 UTC 2013


There is an outstanding request from the maintainer to test the latest asdf
"in production," and I'm here trying to do that.

So what do I have to do in order to make

 (asdf:system-source-directory :uiop)

still work after upgrading asdf?

Is it a bug that after upgrading from (the current ASDF shipping
with fully patched Allegro) to, then

  (uiop:system-source-directory :uiop)

returns nil?

Before upgrading, it returns the uiop- in the
quicklisp/dists/quicklisp/software directory. After upgrading, it returns

The impact of this in production is that I am trying to make a monolithic
fasl of a system which depends on :uiop, and the :uiop module is not
getting included in this monofasl. This of course results in "package
missing" errors when trying to load this monofasl into a vanilla image to
do a build.

The way I install asdf for trying to use it in production is:

 1. git pull into my local asdf directory.
 2. make (to make a single asdf.lisp file in asdf/build/)
 3. copy this to quicklisp/asdf.lisp
 4. rm -r quicklisp/cache
 5. edit quicklisp/setup.lisp to say:
     (defvar *required-asdf-version* "")
 6. copy the uiop/ directory from local asdf/ into quicklisp/local-projects/
 7. restart the Lisp
 8. load quicklisp/setup.lisp and (ql:register-local-projects)

Having done all this, the (asdf:system-source-directory :uiop) still
returns nil, and uiop is not ending up in my monofasls which depend on it.

Am I doing it wrong?

My Best,

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