[asdf-devel] uiop 2.32.4's uiop.asd has nonexistent (:static-file "contrib/debug.lisp")

Dave Cooper david.cooper at genworks.com
Sat Mar 9 06:46:12 UTC 2013

As mentioned in subject:

 uiop 2.32.4's uiop.asd has nonexistent  (:static-file "contrib/debug.lisp")

This is causing

   (ql:quickload :uiop)

to warn and consequently force a rebuild of it and all dependent systems.

I see there is asdf/contrib/debug.lisp but no such file in uiop/ - is
something supposed to be moved around?

My Best,

Dave Cooper, Genworks Support
david.cooper at genworks.com, dave.genworks.com(skype)
USA: 248-327-3253(o), 1-248-330-2979(mobile)
UK: 0191 645 1699
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